What's happening

We received a proposal from Ventia on behalf of Optus Mobile Pty Ltd (Optus) to consider leasing approximately 70sqm of Lagonda Drive Reserve, Lagonda Drive, Windsor Gardens for the purpose of establishing and constructing a new telecommunication tower.

At the Regular Council Meeting on 11 July 2023, Council elected to undertake targeted community engagement with local residents to determine their level of support for the lease of this land to Ventia for a period of 20 years.

What we asked

We asked our community for feedback on the proposal to lease a portion of Lagonda Drive Reserve to Optus for the purpose of establishing a telecommunications tower, for a period of 20 years. Community engagement was open from 29 January to 13 March 2024.

How we asked

What we heard

Majority (65%) of the overall feedback received was 'not supportive' of the proposal, with a further 8% supportive, but with concerns. Approximately 79% of the 'no' votes were received from residents in Windsor Gardens.

Below are the key concerns and feedback regarding the proposal that were highlighted by respondents:

  • Visual impact of the tower
  • Health risks associated with the close proximity of the tower
  • Impact on land value prices as a result of the tower being close to houses
  • Loss of open space
  • Impact on wildlife
  • Find an alternative location
  • Update existing towers

Council decision

Considering the feedback regarding concerns with visual impact, health risks, impact on land value, and reduction in open space, council staff recommended not providing landowners consent for the proposal to proceed and decline the subsequent request for a lease over the site.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on the 14 May 2024, Council resolved to not to provide landowner consent to support the proposal by Optus Pty Ltd to construct a telecommunications facility on a portion of Lagonda Drive Reserve, Windsor Gardens.

You can view the Council Report and Council Minutes under the Document Library.