The Proposal

The Port Adelaide Football Club (PAFC) currently lease and license portions of Alberton Oval, Alberton. The current PAFC occupancy agreement commenced on 1 January 2019 and expires on 3 December 2023.

The Development proposal
On 1 April 2021 PAFC submitted a proposal to Council to redevelop facilities on the eastern side of Alberton oval, including expansion of the Alan Scott Headquarters building and the provision of new indoor and outdoor recreation/training facilities for shared Club and community use.

The Council Assessment Panel, an independent body and not part of the elected Council whose purpose is to consider the Development Application against the Planning Code, considered this Development Application. After deliberations, the Panel, granted conditional Planning Consent on 27 October 2021.

Consultation on the Community Land Management Plan and and Lease proposal
We consulted with community during July and August 2021, seeking feedback on 1) the draft Alberton Oval Community Land Management Plan and 2) the proposal to lease an extra portion of land to PAFC for a term of up to 42 years, see the engagement summary.

Following public consultation, on 9 November 2021 Council adopted a new Community Land Management Plan for Alberton Oval and endorsed revised land and occupancy arrangements allowing the PAFC redevelopment proposal to proceed. This was subject to Council being provided additional reports in due course to consider an appropriate rental fee for the ground lease area. The new land and occupancy arrangements are also endorsed by Council subject to the land owned by PAFC on EP Nazer Reserve Ethelton being returned to Council for nil consideration.

The new arrangements are still under negotiation and as such the above mentioned PAFC occupancy agreement remains in effect until new agreement is executed pursuant to Council’s 9 November 2021 resolution.