What's happening

As part of the City of PAE’s Public Toilet Plan (adopted in October 2020), we proposed to construct a new amenity building in Duncan Fraser Reserve, Northfield. We have included the public consultation, design and construction of this toilet in our 2024–25 Capital Works program.

We have received requests from local residents and the Northgate Community and Sports Club for a new public toilet at Duncan Fraser Reserve next to the existing playground, BBQ/picnic facilities and outdoor gym. In response to these requests, and in alignment with our Public Toilet Plan, we proposed to build a public toilet in the south-eastern corner of the reserve.

The location we proposed has several benefits. It will:

  • Provide easy access to a public toilet from the existing pathway and community facilities (playground, BBQ area and outdoor gym)
  • Prevent the need for people to travel across or around the oval to access the alternative toilet facility (within the Northgate Community and Sporting Club)
  • Be in a highly visible area
  • Not require any removal of existing trees. Council reviewed different locations adjacent to the playground, and this is the only location that will not require any removal of existing trees.

The proposed toilet building includes two unisex, DDA compliant (accessible), and family-friendly cubicles equipped with baby change tables. The council will be responsible for unlocking and locking the toilets, with operating hours typically from dawn to dusk.

Engagement closed on Wednesday 14 February 2024.

What we asked

We asked local residents if you supported the proposal to establish a public toilet facility in the south-eastern corner of Duncan Fraser Reserve.

How we asked

What we heard

Do you support the proposal?

Do you support the proposed location?

Key Comments, Requests, and Concerns:

  • Participants shared their support for the proposal due to the number of children, families and older residents that use the reserve.
  • Participants expressed concerns about the proposed location's proximity to existing infrastructure and residential areas.
  • Some respondents suggested alternative locations within the reserve to minimize impact on residential amenity.
  • Questions were raised regarding the maintenance, accessibility, and cleanliness of the proposed facility.
  • No objections were raised regarding the need for a toilet facility, but rather concerns about its optimal placement and maintenance.

Next steps

After careful consideration of the feedback received, we have made the decision to proceed with the proposed location for the new public toilet facility at Duncan Fraser Reserve. We are committed to addressing the concerns raised by participants, particularly regarding maintenance, accessibility, and cleanliness, during the final design and implementation stages of the project.

The next steps for the project involve finalising the design plans and obtaining the necessary approvals for construction. We will provide updates to the surrounding community regarding the project next steps.

This project will now be referred to the 2024-2025 Draft Annual Business Plan. If the project budget is endorsed in June 2024, construction will occur in 2024/2025.