What's happening

Would you like to see at new playground at George Crawford Reserve, Windsor Gardens?

We want everyone in our community to have the opportunity to play and to help achieve this, we want to ensure that everyone can access a playground within a reasonable distance from their home.

Our Active Recreation Facilities Plan identified Windsor Gardens as an area of playground under supply. The plan recommends the establishment of a new playground at George Crawford Reserve and budget of $30,000 has been allocated in 2023/2024 for engagement and design of the new playground, pending community engagement findings.

We would like your feedback on the proposal to establish a new playground at George Crawford Reserve. Do you think this is a good idea, and if yes, what play equipment would you like to see?

You can share your feedback by completing the survey below or popping down to George Crawford Reserve between 12noon to 1pm on Saturday 16 September to speak to a member of the project team.

Engagement is open until Sunday 22 October 2023.