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Trees cool and shade our homes and buildings reducing electricity bills, increasing property value, provide habitat for wildlife, and are our best way of adapting to the impacts of climate change. Currently, the City of PAE has an estimated tree canopy cover of 10-12%. Our urban areas are becoming hotter and drier due to a changing climate and higher density development. More trees are being removed from private land than public. This leaves many streets and suburbs vulnerable to impacts from increased heat during summer months.

In 2021, Council set a tree canopy target of an increase of 35% by 2050. To achieve this ambitious target Council is committed to planting at least 3000 new trees in our streets and reserves per year and encouraging private landowner to plant 500 new trees on private land per year.

The ‘Get Shady’ Project was established as an incentive program to increase tree planting on private land. In 2022 we provided 150 property owners in our hottest suburbs with a free advanced (1m high) tree to plant on their land.

In 2023 we will double the number of trees available and provide 300 property owners across our City with a free advanced mature tree (nursery value $50-$60) to plant on their land.

To be eligible for a Get Shady tree giveaway, you must be able to plant and maintain your tree on private property within the City of PAE. It is important you read the terms and conditions before registering for a tree.

The 2023 Get Shady Tree Giveaway program is now full subscribed. Thank you to everyone who has registered to receive a tree. A third round of the Get Shady program will open in early 2024.

Tree giveaways locations for 2022 and 2023

Tree planting tutorial

We have made this tree planting information sheet and tree planting tutorial video to demonstrate how to plant your new tree to give it the best chance to flourish in your yard for years to come. The best time for planting in Adelaide is during our cooler autumn and winter months, and after our first rains, usually May through to August. This will allow your tree to establish with the help of natural winter rain. Happy planting!

Tree species that were available in 2023

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Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Policy

Note name and address are required to comply with Council’s Public Consultation Policy. All submissions will be treated as public documents upon receipt.

Closing the loop, we will make efforts to 'close-the-loop' with project contributors and followers. We may occasionally send information to acknowledge a contribution, provide key updates on engagement and project processes and outcomes.

Acknowledgement of Country

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield would like to acknowledge that these projects and engagements are taking place on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people. We pay respect to elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge the continued relationship that Aboriginal people have with Country, culture and beliefs. We further acknowledge the important contributions that Aboriginal people continue to play within our shared community.