Thank you for your feedback on the draft LATM scheme for Klemzig, Windsor Gardens and Holden Hill.

Feedback from the community consultation has been reviewed and the draft LATM Scheme has been updated accordingly. It should be noted that micro-consultations are still required at the individual street/treatment level. However, preliminary feedback has already been considered with changes to the draft scheme.

A summary of feedback on the draft Klemzig, Windsor Gardens and Holden Hill LATM scheme can be found via the link below.

Council at it's August 2022 meeting endorsed the Final LATM Plan. A copy of this report, the Final LATM Plan and Council Minutes, can be found under the document library.

Community engagement is currently open seeking feedback on the proposed upgraded treatment for McKay Avenue, Windsor Gardens, bus only closure.

Next steps

Now that the Final LATM Scheme has been endorsed by Council, we will undertake further engagement will residents directly impacted by a proposed treatment. Here we will further work through any specific requirements which may need to be considered in the design and installation of the traffic control device.

Implementation of the LATM plan is expected to occur during the financial year 2022–2023.