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As part of our Built Heritage Strategy 2022, we are undertaking a Major Heritage Review that will build on the review undertaken in 2014 and identify places and areas with heritage values for future legislative protection.

We are reaching out to the community to participate in the identification and protection of (future) heritage buildings. You don’t need any particular knowledge in order to participate and nominate a property, you can simply submit your nomination using the ‘map tool’ or via the ‘nomination form’. It’s as simple as giving the address of a building that you would like to see listed, for Council to investigate further.

Once we’ve received a list of heritage nominations, we will engage an independent heritage architect to review each nomination. If heritage protection is deemed appropriate, we will start a formal heritage listing process.

Formal heritage listings must follow a legislative process set by the state government, which also includes statutory consultation with affected landowners of nominated buildings

Community nominations are open until Sunday 24 March 2024.

How to make a Local History Place nomination

You can nominate a building or structure for history listing consideration by doing one of the following:

  1. Adding it to the Map Tool
  2. Completing a Nomination Form
  3. Submitting a Question to staff



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