What's happening

Following recent land acquisitions from Renewal SA, Council now owns additional properties close to the Port Adelaide Civic Centre. Council also has the ability to control and influence the functioning and appearance of key public roads, streetscapes, and open space near these properties. This concentration of ownership and control places the Council in a unique position to strategically plan for the use of its assets and the improvement of the immediate surrounding area.

We have started a project to prepare a Precinct Plan for the area around the Civic Centre in Port Adelaide. The key aims of Precinct Plan are to

  • Establish a stakeholder supported vision for the Precinct grounded in the identity of place and reflecting the needs of community, businesses, and visitors
  • Clarify the most appropriate uses for the buildings aligned with the vision to meets current and future demands
  • Identify priority streetscape and public space improvements to support the vision for the Precinct
  • Provide confidence to private property owners and businesses to invest in the Precinct.

We would like to share with you our early planning for the Precinct Plan and encourage you to follow this project to receive Project Updates and be notified when community engagement opens later this year.