About the proposal and community engagement

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held 14 September 2021, a Confidential Report (now released) titled ‘Acquisition of Land in Port Adelaide’ was presented. The report outlined several land and property transactions, including a proposal for the Council to initiate a road closure process for the land known as ‘Rann Place, Port Adelaide’, shown on the Preliminary Plan below as 'A'.

As a result of this report, Council endorsed the Administration to undertake community consultation to formally enter into a Road Closure Process over Rann Place, Port Adelaide. This community engagement ran between 19 January and 21 February 2022 and resulted in three individual objections to the road closure.

Project next steps and Council Decision

A further report titled ‘Proposed Closure of Rann Place, Port Adelaide’ was presented to Council in June 2023 at the Ordinary Council Meeting and Council endorsed the Administration to lodge the endorsed Section 16 Report to the Surveyor General, as failure to negotiate the removal of the 3 formally lodged objections had occurred.

Following this endorsement, Council Administration lodged the required Section 16 Report with the Surveyor General to further the Road Process Order and seek Surveyor General consideration of the objections and to give a formal decision on the Road Closure Process of Rann Place, Port Adelaide.

In April 2024, Council Administration was advised that approval from the Surveyor General to formally close the portion of road known as Rann Place, Port Adelaide had occurred.

At the Ordinary Council meeting on 11 June 2024, Council endorsed the recommendation to close and dispose of Rann Place, Port Adelaide.