What's happening

We were made aware of a historic encroachment that exists over 7 properties adjacent to Robin Road, Semaphore. This encroachment exists over portions of land defined as ‘Road’ and identified as Robin Road in Deposition Plan 425.

A report was presented to Council in February 2021, which outlined and endorsed options to deal with these encroachments. Council resolved those owners of properties encroaching on to Council road reserve be offered the opportunity to either participate in, and share the cost of the road closure process, and to purchase the subject land at nil consideration.

To correct this encroachment, 5 property owners have agreed to enter into a proposed road closure process for portions of land that is currently defined as road. The two remaining properties with encroachments have decided to relocate their private infrastructure.

For more information, please see the map below or Preliminary Plan under the Document Library.

A copy of the plan and statement of persons affected are available for public inspection at the City of PAE’s Civic Centre located at 163 St Vincent Street Port Adelaide SA 5015 between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Sharing your feedback

Your opinion is important to us, and we want to hear what you think about the proposed road closure.

Please provide your feedback to us in writing in one of the following ways:

  • Email your feedback to consultation@cityofpae.sa.gov.au
  • Post your feedback to to the City of PAE at PO Box 110, Port Adelaide SA 5015
  • Hand deliver your feedback to the Civic Centre at 163 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide

Making an objection

Any person affected by the proposed closure is entitled to object or possibly apply for an easement to be granted in that persons favour over the land In question.

If you wish to make an objection, you must do so in writing to the City of PAE. Please either post your objection to PO Box 110, Port Adelaide SA 5015 or email it to consultation@cityofpae.sa.gov.au .

All submissions must give full details of the nature and location of the desired easements and extent to which other land is affected. You must include specific information in your objection.

The closing date for all feedback and objections is 5pm on Wednesday 27 September 2023.

Map of proposed partial road closure

The Map shows the portions of land defined as ‘Robin Road’ identified as A, B, C, D and E. The specific portions of land we are seeking feedback on measures approximately 81sqm (in total).