What's happening

The Walking and Cycling Plan seeks to enhance walking and cycling as a main mode of transport through the creation of a safer and more accessible network for all.

The Plan has the following focus areas:

  • Improve walking and cycling infrastructure
  • Promote and encourage walking and cycling
  • Provide information, invest in data and monitoring

Where do we need bike parking and refuges?

We have been successful in receiving funding through the State Bicycle Fund to help deliver the cycling projects detailed below in our Next Steps. The scope of these projects includes the installation of bike hoops and consideration of bike refuges around the City of PAE.

We want your help to decide where this infrastructure should be located and to review existing infrastructure that may not be meeting the communities needs due to poor location or condition.

Please note:

  • We are unable to install hoops on private land such as privately owned shopping centres however please tell us about these locations, and we can pass this feedback on
  • Refuge locations identified on arterial roads would be subject to the approval of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.
  • Bike Hoops

    Tell us where you think bike hoops are needed.

    We can consider:

    • New locations
    • Additional hoops at existing locations
    • Relocation of existing hoops to an improved location
  • Walking/Cycling

    Refuges allow people walking and cycling to stage their crossing to only contend with one direction of traffic at a time by providing room to stop within the centre island. They are particularly beneficial on busy roads where it may be difficult to find a safe gap between traffic from both directions at the same time.

    We are seeking your feedback on where these are needed most. The feasibility of installing refuges will depend on road width and nearby accesses/obstructions.

Next steps

The final Walking and Cycling Plan was endorsed by Council at their meeting on 9 August 2022. The endorsed Walking and Cycling Plan will guide investment in infrastructure improvements within PAE.

We are currently implementing the following Walking and Cycling Projects for the 22/23 Financial year:

  • Port Centre

    The project will define cycling routes throughout the Port Centre. This initiative leverages off the ‘Outer Harbour Greenway’ as a major cycling corridor, by providing alternatives to cyclists and better link them to services and destinations within the Port.

  • City Wide Secondary Bike Paths

    This project will promote ‘neighbourhood cycling routes’ for the community and increase awareness for motorists to ‘share the road’ on these neighbourhood connections. This will be achieved by formalising neighbourhood connections with appropriate signage and line marking along with other supporting infrastructure improvements, such as path linkages and kerb ramps.

  • City Wide Cycle Parking Facilities

    The project will provide end of trip facilities, namely cycle parking, at key locations and community buildings across the City.