What's happening

Wells Street is currently a two-way public road. The road width is approximately 3.9m wide, with narrow verges on either side. The road geometry is not supportive of two-way traffic as there is not sufficient space for vehicles to safely pass one another. Wells Street has operated as a two-way street for some time due to the very low traffic volumes in the street.

We have received a referral from the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) for a development application at 10-12 North Parade, Port Adelaide for a new building/hotel. With the expected increase in activity in the local area, this road safety issue needs to be addressed.

We are therefore proposing to implement a one-way traffic restriction on Wells Street, so that traffic flows in a southbound direction only. This is the safest and most efficient direction for traffic to flow on Wells Street, both now and in the future. Please see the map below of Wells St, Port Adelaide.

You can share your feedback on the proposal by completing the survey below.

Feedback closes on Wednesday 11 October 2023.

Map of Wells St One Way Proposal