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Yitpi Yartapuultiku – Soul of Port Adelaide

Plans and builder announced, 10 November 2023

Years in the making, we are excited share the plans for ‘Yitpi Yartapuultiku’, a new Aboriginal Cultural Destination we are building in the heart of Port Adelaide. We can also announce that @Sarah Constructions has been selected as the builder for this project.

Since its inception, this ground-breaking project has been working to establish a unique cultural connection within our local community, while creating a destination where people from all backgrounds can share, learn, and experience our rich heritage.

It will be an authentic place to be immersed in local culture, and ourplan is for it to become a catalyst for economic growth, generating employment and boosting tourism opportunities around the Port Adelaide Area.

There are indoor and outdoor activity and performance spaces, a family-friendly park and playground, public amenities, state-of-the-art facilities, meeting rooms and event spaces, and areas accessible to the water. In line with our Sustainability Strategy, Yitpi Yartapuultiku will be Green Star certified to achieve Australian excellence in healthy, resilient, sustainable buildings and places, with the buildings also surrounded by environmentally sustainable natural spaces.

The journey towards the realisation of Yitpi Yartapuultiku has been marked by a commitment of respect, deep listening, collaboration, and shared learning between the City of PAE, the Yitpi Yartapuultiku Aboriginal Working Group, @Ashley Halliday Architects, and @Wax Design.

This unique cultural place is a testament to the unity of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, where everyone can come together to share, learn, and experience the rich tapestry of our heritage.

Find out more about Yitpi Yartapuultiku

The entire process has been undertaken together, to respect the Aboriginal connection to the site, with every aspect of the design shaped by cultural knowledge of Kaurna people. Through deep listening and observation throughout the design and development process, cultural practices and narratives have been seamlessly integrated, ensuring an authentic representation of heritage.

Image credit: City of Port Adelaide Enfield with Ashley Halliday Architects, Wax Design and the Yitpi Yartapuultiku Custodian Group. Concept Image: Wax Design

Once open, the centre will offer a diverse and engaging program of activities and experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. It will be an inclusive and family-friendly environment, welcoming individuals to connect, play, and learn. The versatile spaces, both indoors and outdoors, will accommodate a wide range of cultural and community events, from intimate gatherings to vibrant festivals. Guided tours, immersive cultural education experiences, and dynamic programs will be led by knowledgeable Aboriginal custodians, ensuring an authentic and enriching experience.

At its core, Yitpi Yartapuultiku aims to heal the land and bring the community together, while offering unparalleled opportunities for events, community programs, and tourism.

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