About the proposal

Council received feedback from the community requesting consideration for Blackler Street, Semaphore to function as a one-way street. During periods of high demand, it is reported that there is a high level of conflict between opposing travel directions within the street.

How we enagaged

Initially we consulted directly with impacted residents seeking their feedback on making Blackler Street one way in a westbound direction (towards The Esplanade). Based on the potential for displacement of traffic onto Coppin Street (shown through traffic surveys), Coppin Street residents were also included in the proposal and asked to provide feedback on whether Coppin Street should also be made one way.

The consultation received a strong level of engagement with a response rate of 34.3%. The engagement with property owners and tenants found the following:

Based on the limited support from residents in Coppin Street, it was decided not to progress further with the one-way proposal for this street. In line with the strong level of support from Blackler Street residents, the decision was made to progress to wider community engagement for the one-way arrangements for Blackler Street in a westbound direction.

Consultation regarding the proposed closure was undertaken by Council, in accordance with the requirements of Section 32 of the Road Traffic Act 1961. Consultation activities included:

What we heard

A broader community consultation was made available on Council’s Have Your Say page following the initial engagement with directly impacted stakeholders. The online survey captured 19 responses.

The level of support from the broader community for the one-way proposal for Blackler Street, is broken down as follows:

Comments received focused on further changes to be considered around:

  • parking e.g. reduce to one side of Blackler Street
  • speed restrictions
  • further one-way changes to surrounding streets

Next Steps

In May 2022 we sought your feedback on a proposal to make Blackler Street one-way. Following the completion of the consultation, this matter was reported to Council at the 9 August 2022 Council Meeting.

At the Council Meeting, Council endorsed the recommendation to exclude vehicles from travelling in the eastbound direction along Blackler St (with exception to emergency service vehicles, service authority vehicles operating under the requirements of the relevant Commonwealth Acts).

In line with the Council resolution, we will be implementing the required line marking and signage to become effective from Monday 5 September 2022 to formalise the one-way operation of Blackler Street westbound.

Further engagement with all tenants and property owners will be undertaken at the end of the 12 month period to seek feedback on the operation of the one way arrangement.

Public Consultation Policy, Please note name and address are required to comply with Council’s Public Consultation Policy. All submissions will be treated as public documents upon receipt.

Individuals will not be identified publicly without permission.

Closing the loop, we will make efforts to 'close-the-loop' with project contributors and followers. We may occasionally send information to acknowledge a contribution, provide key updates on engagement and project processes and outcomes.