What's happening

Semaphore Road is a bustling, popular main street filled with an array of shops, restaurants, cafes, and experiences for everyone. This family-friendly beachside destination attracts locals and visitors from across Adelaide, making it a must-visit location.

The western end of Semaphore Road, from the beach to Military Road has a speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour (km/hr). The eastern end, from Military Road is currently 50km/hr.

The Semaphore Main Street Association has approached us to review and consider creating a consistent, lower speed limit across the Semaphore Road shopping precinct from the beach to Swan Terrace. Please see the map below of the impacted segment of Semaphore Rd.

Consistent, lower speed limits in shopping precincts helps to improve safety for people walking, cycling and driving and adds to the vibrancy of busy shopping and dining areas.

We value your input and thank you for your feedback on this proposal. Please see the engagement summary and project next steps below.

Map of Semaphore Rd 40km/hr extension

What we asked

We asked Semaphore residents, businesses and visitors, if they supported the proposal to extend the existing 40km/hr speed zone on Semaphore Road, from Military Road to Swan Terrace.

How we asked

What we heard

Do you support extending the Semaphore Road 40km/hr speed area?

How do you travel along Semaphore Road? (select all that are relevant)

Next steps

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 13 June 2023, Council endorsed the decision to proceed with the Semaphore Road 40km/hr speed area extension.

A formal submission will now be sent to the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) to progress with the extension of the existing 40km/hr speed zone (and associated infrastructure) on Semaphore Road (between Military Road and Swan Terrace).

Subject to approval from DIT, we will begin implementation of the 40km/hr speed limit extension. All residents and property owners in the subject area will be advised accordingly.