What's happening

In 2022, as part of the Manningham and Hampstead Gardens LATM, we asked you if you would support an area-wide 40km/hr speed zone in your local area. Many of you responded in support of this speed reduction (60%). Given the impact of this speed zone, we want to ensure that this question wasn't overlooked as part of the wider LATM plan engagement.

We know safety is important to you and we want to confirm your support for a 40km/hr area-wide speed zone on local roads within Manningham and Hampstead Gardens.

We are proposing to:

  • Apply a 40km/hr speed zone on local roads in these two suburbs
  • Install traffic signs to indicate the speed zone change throughout both suburbs

Please see the map below showing the proposal 40km/hr area.

The survey closed Sunday 14 May 2023. Click the follow button to receive email updates about the project.

Manningham and Hampstead Gardens proposed 40km/hr area