What's happening?

Help us bring new life to Jack Watkins Reserve. The existing play and fitness equipment has now reached the end of its useful life span and requires replacement. This is part of our ongoing Parks and Gardens Asset Management Plan which ensures that our public spaces are the best they can be for our community to enjoy.

This regional recreation park, located just north of Kilburn Shopping Centre, has been a cherished community gathering place for years. With its playground, outdoor fitness equipment, dog park, and a memorial dedicated to Jack Watkins, who campaigned against the dangers of asbestos for many decades in South Australia.

During February and March 2023, we asked you about the play and recreation experiences you'd like to see at this reserve and how else you would like to use the reserve.

Thank you for providing your feedback on the draft concept design by completing the online survey and/or speaking to us at one of our engagement pop-ups. Find out about what we heard from our community by following the link below.

Engagement closed on Sunday 12 March 2023.

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Find out what we heard from our community

Draft Park Plan